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  • Small_m-type-tomato-hooks-220mm-hot-galvanized-10m-pp-raffia-twine
  • M Type Tomato Hooks
    Tomato Hooks known as vertical tomato hooks or tomato twine holders, which are made of hot-dip galvanized steel wires, hang from overhead support wire and connected to the plant. Topper M Type Tomato Hooks with 10-meter PP (Polypropylene) raffia twine are delivered in 500 pcs per carton of 50x36x...
  • Small_high-wire-tomato-hooks-hot-galvanized-l-275mm-dia-3mm
  • High Wire Tomato Hooks
    Hot Galvanized High Wire Tomato Hooks without twine, also called bare hooks or M type tomato hooks, come in lengths of 275mm and diameters of 3mm. Topper crop hooks are packed in 1050 pcs per carton of 26kg & 55x26x25cm, designed to guide tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers upwards, so seedlings have a ...
  • Small_tomato-roller-hooks-hot-galvanized-18m-pp-raffia-twines-01_-___
  • Tomato Roller Hooks
    Hot Galvanized Tomato Roller Hooks with 18 meters PP raffia twine are sold in 240 pcs per carton in 58x39x23cm. Tomato roller hook support easily hangs vine crops such as tomatoes and cucumbers to protect stems from breakage and make them grow vertically, so you can maximize your growing space, e...