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Infastaub GmbH


For 50 years now Infastaub GmbH is one of the leading suppliers of dedusting solutions for the industry worldwide. Since 1968 we have been providing complete and tailor-made solutions for our clients: from project planning to design and manufacturing up to installation and spare parts supply. Thanks to the long-term experience of our engineers, designers and manufacturing specialists we continuously launch new and innovative products.

Infastaub is globally recognized for its quality and service. For many companies, we are a respected and reliable partner. You can count on the fact that we not only provide technologically outstanding solutions, but also offer the best services for our clients thanks to our know how. We systematically implement our experience gained over more than 50 years of filtration technology in the development and optimization of dedusting solutions. Our specialists and our long-term experience will give you the absolute certainty that the implementation of your dedusting project will be a great success.

Company Infastaub GmbH
Address Niederstedter Weg 19
ZIP Code + City 61348 Bad Homburg v.d.H.
Country Germany
Phone number +49 6172 3098-0
Email infa@infastaub.de
Website www.infastaub.de
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