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Xiangyun Plush Toys Dolls Manufacturer Co., Ltd


Xiangyun Plush Toys Dolls Manufacturer Co., Ltd. is an international plush toy manufacturer, plush dolls supplier provides various kinds of plush toys such as the plush stuffed animals, plush backpacks, plush throw pillows, plush animal toys, plush hats, etc. for purchasers around the world. We have established the long-term cooperation with Disney, Walmart, Prima Toys, Hugfun, etc. We can provide our clients with a series of services from product design, manufacturing to inspection. Xiangyun Trading Co. Ltd. has a variety of types of factories and we launch the latest plush toys each season. All of our plush dolls can meet the ISO9001 Standard. Our company has entered a new stage of development and we have always committed ourselves to providing our customers with high quality products, better services and favorable prices. Learn more information please visit the website http://www.plush-dolls.com

Company Xiangyun Plush Toys Dolls Manufacturer Co., Ltd
Address 4 Road, Longshan, Xinshen, Shenzhen, Guangdong, P. R. China
ZIP Code + City 518000 Shenzhen
Country China
Phone number 86-755-89583857
Email plushdolls@jeawin.com
Website www.plush-dolls.com
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Twitter twitter.com/plushtoysdolls
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Mr. Jeawin, Huang plushdolls@jeawin... 86-755-89583857 marketting manager