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Out of the TEMA Holding N.V., for the purpose of establishing a worldwide sales organization, which is responsible selling the products of the group, TEMA B.V. was established on the 12th March 1981. TEMA B.V. is responsible for the sales of those products which are manufactured within our group and also of some complementary products which are produced outside our group of companies. TEMA B.V. is responsible for the following countries and continents: The Netherlands, Belgium (Flanders), the biggest part of Asia, Middle East, Latin America. 

TEMA B.V. is specialized in machines and systems for the processing of basic materials in the minerals-, chemicals-, food-, dairy- and pharmaceutical industry and offers machines & systems for separation of solids & liquids, for classification as well as crushing and pulverizing of several raw materials. In the meantime TEMA B.V. has established a sound network of local agents and also opened an office in PR of CHINA (TEMA Beijing Representative Office) to provide optimal service to our customers.

Company TEMA B.V.
Division Chemical and Mineral Process Equipment
Address Steenplaetsstraat 22- 26
ZIP Code + City 2288 AA Rijswijk
Country Netherlands
Phone number +31 (0)70-3906555
Fax number +31 (0)70-3993390
Email sales@tema.nl
Website tema.nl/en/
LinkedIn linkedin.com/company/tema...
Twitter twitter.com/tema
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