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Bascules Robbe NV


Since 1845 Bascules Robbe has remained, with its office in Torhout, Beglium, the specialist in the measurement of weight. As the biggest Belgian company of its kind Bascules Robbe can point out references in all branches.

Our product range extends from laboratory weighing devices up to weighbridges, mainly with fully self-developed appliances. All appliances allow the elaboration of a further computerisation of your product process. Mechanic as well as electronic weighing appliances, ranging from precision scales up to weighbridges, appliances with switching boxes, PLC-controls and software are manufactured in our factory.

Bascule Robbe also has a lof of references with leading companies in the world of bulk and bigbag handling.

Our research office develops new systems for all industrial branches and consults with the customer in order to find the ideal combination.

After all, Bascules Robbe N.V. builds customized weighing systems according to the nature and the specific needs of your company.

Company Bascules Robbe NV
Address Noordlaan 7
ZIP Code + City 8820 Torhout
Country Belgium
Phone number +32 50 21 25 47
Fax number +32 50 21 69 03
Email info@basculesrobbe.be
Website www.basculesrobbe.be
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