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VIVO consult s.r.o.

The company VIVO consult Ltd. was established In 2012th. VIVO consult Ltd. since the beginning deals with consulting and advisory activities in the problems of dust suppression. Dust in the air is still and will be very negative side-effect of industrial development worldwide.

VIVO consult provides a broad system of elimination of dust for almost every source of dust occurring in the industry. Not always is suitable solution of dust suppression using water and it is not always advantageous solution using air. It is necessary to take into account the technological and disposal options that can sometimes significantly reduce the problem of dust.
The company VIVO consult Ltd. provides service from individual deliveries to comprehensive services in the field of dust suppression.

Our products and services directly or indirectly help save the environment by suppressing or eliminating dust at industrial bulk material handling.
These products are for instance: Dry Fog Systems, Dust Tamer Systems, Dust Collecors, Fogging Cannons, Loading Spout, Dust Suppression Hoppers, various products for the transportation of bulk materials etc.

Company VIVO consult s.r.o.
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