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PENKO Engineering B.V.

HOME PAGE PENKO Engineering B.V. is a Dutch company within the global ETC Inc. group of companies, and from 9th November 2009 PENKO based in Ede, The Netherlands. We supply a wide range of load cells, instrumentation and controllers that are designed for high accuracy, high speed weighing and dosing applications. Our instruments and controllers combine a high speed and a high resolution. Doing so a previous contrariety is tackled. In spite of high production capacities a high weighing accuracy is maintained. In addition, we offer a range of ancillary products including loading assemblies, amplifiers, display panels, and software for data capture and display. WHY MEASUREMENT WITH HIGH SPEEDS AND A HIGH RESOLUTION? 1. more possibilities to suppress undesired dynamic effects. 2. better establishment of the cut off point. 3. more accurate detection of the load by crack. WHAT GIVES 1. a better indication of the load/the weight. 2. more accurate dosing/filling. IN 1. weighing of goods in motion such as belt weighers, check weighers and mobile weighers. 2. fast filling machines and dosing installations. 3. equipment for destructive force measurement. We are also able to discuss customer design requirements for complete assemblies or sub-assembly units for OEMs and ‘one-off’ projects within this area of expertise.

Company PENKO Engineering B.V.
Division head office
Address Schutterweg 35
ZIP Code + City 6718 XC Ede
Country Netherlands
Phone number +31 318 525630
Fax number +31 318 529715
Email info@penko.com
Website www.penko.com
Contact Email Phone number Department Position
Mr. van der Wel, Vincent M. info@penko.com +31 318 525630 sales manager