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VDC Verhoeven Dust Control

VDC is the agent for different companies on the BE(ne)Lux market and is doing the engineering and commissioning
GEA/Deichmann (Germany) for dedusting installations and dustfilters, going from 2.000 to 300.000 m³/h
Goyen/Mecair (Australia/UK/Italy) for pulse/pilot valves for the pulse-cleaning of the dustfilters Goyen (Australia/UK) for the emission monitoring behind the dustfilters
GSA (Germany) for silencers with baffles/resonators and noise control housings
Niessing (Germany) for chimneys and special silencers

Company VDC Verhoeven Dust Control
Address Merellaan 22
ZIP Code + City 2290 Vorselaar
Country Belgium
Phone number +32 14 51 63 73
Fax number +32 14 51 32 19
Email info@verhoevendustcontrol.be
Website www.verhoevendustcontrol.be
LinkedIn ericverhoeven@telenet.be
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Mr. Verhoeven, E e.v@vdc-be.com Zaakvoerder