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Delft Solids Solutions B.V.


Delft Solids Solutions is a contract research laboratory specialised in the physical characterisation of mostly solids and powders.

Our analysis capabilities cover a broad range of physcial parameters such as specific surface area (BET area), porosity, pore size distribution, pore volume, particle size, particle number, and e.g. bulk density and true density.

Complementary activities are focussed on bulk solids characterisation and powder behaviour: flowability, shear testing, silo and hopper design, consolidation behaviour, dustiness potential, segregation, attrition, and strength and crushing strength of small particles and granules.

For particle size characterisation different laser diffraction analysers, electrical sensing zone, sieves, PCS or dynamic light scattering and sedimentation equipment is available.

Porosity analyses are executed on physical gas adsorption and chemical gas adsorption analysers, vapour adsorption equipment, mercury porosimeters, and helium pycnometers.

Company Delft Solids Solutions B.V.
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