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Three-Tec is specialized in manufacturing small feeders and extruders for laboratory use, but also for production of huge amounts. In addition to our standard products to feed from granules to very sticky powders, we are also capable of building customer specific equipment. In our test lab we are available to find specific solutions.

With our laboratory extruders we are able to produce even more than one sample from only 1g of product. This innovative solution not only decreases the consuming of product in development, also the small size Barrels can be heated up and cooled down for cleaning very fast, which also allows to increase the productivity in development significantly.

With our smallest feeder 5mm diameter double screw, we are able to feed very low amounts of from 5 g/hour, but also for conveying big amounts up to 20 t/hour. The advantage is that a Three-Tec feeder can be emptied to only a few grams of remaining product inside the hopper. Everything is connected with clamps and can be dismantled without tools easily.

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