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Anval Valves Pvt Ltd

ANVAL is a designer, manufacturer and supplier of feeders and airlocks to powder and bulk materials handling industries. It is part of the ACTINON group of companies, an emerging global industrial equipment manufacturer for over the past two decades.
ANVAL has a growing range of feeders and airlocks to meet even the most demanding of applications. The company prides itself on using simple and elegant design solutions to provide what customers need to meet their performance requirements. Our innovative streak and our focus on job performance is our strength.
While powder and bulk materials handling is a problem common to many industries, their materials are not. From simple pellets to irregular lump coal, from sticky and stringy biomass to abrasive alumina, ANVAL’s in-house engineering team has provided solutions.
Our core product ranges to meet a variety of feeding, airlocking or isolation duties include:
Rotary Valves Dump Valves Slide Gate Valves

Commitment to Quality In today’s globalised world, quality is an overused word. At Anval, we equate this as our ability to correctly identify and then satisfy the needs of our customers.
In establishing our manufacturing processes, we have incorporated many of the ‘world’s best’ practises. Our aim is to harness all of the advantages of techniques such as TQM and lean manufacturing. We also understand that in the real world when things go wrong, our Customers need to rely on our ability to get them going again, regardless of cause.
Customisation for Customers Whilst we show a generic product offering, so often the solution is anything but generic. Anval recognises that our products need to be tailored to specific needs a customer has.
As such, we need to go the extra mile to work with customers. Our systems and designs are developed with that flexibility in mind. Our goal is to allow our customers the ability to shape our products to their needs, without penalty of time and additional cost.

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