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Schäffer Verfahrenstechnik GmbH & Co. KG


Main product lines:
Systems for discharging, shutting, dosing, feeding, cooling and heating of dust and bulk materials:
Free flow valves, slide gate valves, rotary valves, tangential rotary valves, mini-rotary valves, self-cleaning rotary valves, vertical-star feeders, airlocks, lift-locks, double-flap valves, two-way distributors, three-way distributors, diverters, two-way diverter, three-way diverter, diverter gates, bunker gates, seal valves, precision dosing systems, loading equipments, bin activators, lump crushers, worm feeders, screw heat exchangers, cooling worm feeders, heating worm feeders, mixing worm feeders, multiple screw conveyors.
All machines are also available acc. to ATEX (dir. 94/9/EC)!

Company Schäffer Verfahrenstechnik GmbH & Co. KG
Address Am Unteranger 3
ZIP Code + City 86672 Thierhaupten
Country Germany
Phone number +49 (0)8271 8015-6
Fax number +49 (0)8271 8015-89
Email info@schaeffer-vt.de
Website www.schaeffer-vt.de
Contact Email Phone number Department Position
Mr. Schaeffer, Stefan info@schaeffer-vt.de +49 (0)8271 8015-6 Managing director