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Van Beek BV


Van Beek in Drunen is the specialist in the area of superb stainless steel screw conveyor systems and they supply them globally, in particular to the chemical, pharmaceutical, environmental and food industries.

The organization’s core activities consist of designing and manufacturing screw conveyors, screw heat exchangers and bulk truck loading equipment. They are all designed to process bulk material, like powders, grains, flakes, granulate, paste etc. etc. Van Beek is characterized by offering total solutions, superb quality and service. About thirty five enthusiastic, driven and highly involved employees are helping to raise the company to a higher level.

Under the trademark °Celsius the renowned Van Beek Schroeftransport supplies thorough and efficient screw heat exchangers. For cooling, drying or heating products in a continuous proces our screw heat exchangers are an efficient and reliable solution.

Van Beek’s history goes back to 1939. Since then Van Beek has developed to a leading company of the Benelux market. More than 50% of the sales head directly or indirectly abroad, which means that the products must be of an absolute superior quality in order to prevent any disruptions at its customers.

Company Van Beek BV
Address Lipsstraat 42
ZIP Code + City 5151 RP Drunen
Country Netherlands
Phone number +31(0)416375225
Fax number +31(0)416378350
Email info@van-beek.nl
Website www.van-beek.nl
Contact Email Phone number Department Position
Ms./Mrs. Meijer, Cynthia meijer@van-beek.nl +31(0)416375225 PR meijer@van-beek.nl
Mr. Kneepkens, Roel kneepkens@van-bee... +31(0)416375225 Sales Department Sales Engineer
Mr. Verhoeven, Peter verhoeven@van-bee... +31(0)416375225 Sales Department Sales Engineer