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Gericke AG


Getting ahead with Gericke

Gericke has been supplying total packages for conveying, feeding and mixing projects for the processing of bulk materials for more than 115 years.


The optimal combination of innovation, operational safety and service means additional value and success for our customers!

The development of our technology and products occurs in close co-operation with our customers. Our Gericke Test Centres provide facilities for customers to carry out realistic tests.


Gericke develops and manufactures all the core components in its own production plants and thereby guarantees reliability and quality.

Company Gericke AG
Address Althardstrasse 120
ZIP Code + City CH-8105 Regensdorf-Zürich
Country Switzerland
Phone number +41 44 871 36 36
Fax number +41 44 871 36 00
Email gericke.ch@gericke.net
Website www.gericke.net
LinkedIn www.linkedin.com/company/...
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