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Combustible Dust Policy Institute

The goal of Combustible Dust Policy Institute Group (CDPI)is to minimize the severity and reduce the probability of occurrence of combustible dust related fires and explosions in the global workplace.

Through ongoing exchange of best practices and lessons learned of combustible dust related incidents, which identifies and evaluates risk, CDPI shares risk assessment
information that a diverse spectrum of members utilize in effectively controlling and mitigating combustible dust hazards.

Assisting stakeholders in this endeavor, health and safety compliance is effectively achieved in addition to reducing preventable workplace fatalities, injuries, and adverse economic impact.

Company Combustible Dust Policy Institute
Division Research
Address 11408 Sandy Lane
ZIP Code + City 77510 Santa Fe
Country United States
Phone number 409-539-7386
Email john@combustibledust.com
Website www.combustibedust.com
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Mr. Astad, John C. john@combustibled... 409-539-7386 Research Director