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Turnover 9 months of 2011 Port of St-Petersburg 8.6 mln tons

Friday, 21 October 2011


SAINT-PETERSBURG (RU) – Within the period of the first 9 months of 2011 the stevedoring companies of the group 'Sea Port of Saint-Petersburg' handled 8.6 mln. tons of cargoes which is by 5% less than within the same period of 2010.

The reduction of the turnover occurred due to the decrease of handling volumes of coal caused by putting into operation of the container terminal at the territory of Fourth Stevedoring Company within the programme on removal of environmentally unfriendly cargoes from Saint-Petersburg.

Export turnover the major part of which is traditionally constituted by bulk and loose cargoes decreased by 17% up to 6.6 mln. tons. Handling volumes of coal decreased up to 1.4 mln. tons (-50%) and handling volumes of mineral fertilizers decreased up to 563 thousand tons (-27%). At that the volumes of export general (4.4 mln. tons, +5%) and ro-ro cargoes (232 thousand tons, +13%) increased.

The volumes of import cargoes increased by 72% and amounted to 2 mln. tons. In particular, the volumes of package cargoes increased by 47% up to 423 thousand tons, handling volumes of ore increased by 14% – up to 463 thousand tons. Handling volumes of reefer cargoes increased twice ' up to 302 thousand tons and handling volumes of ro-ro cargoes increased up to 510 thousand tons (+75%). After putting into operation of the container terminal handling volumes of this type of cargoes by the companies of the group increased six fold ' up to 320 thousand tons.

JSC 'Sea Port of Saint-Petersburg' which includes also First (FSC), Second (SSC) and Third Stevedoring Companies (TSC) as the result of reorganization handled over 5.4 mln. tons of cargoes within the reporting period, which is by 7% more than the performance indicators of FSC, SSC and TSC together for 9 months of the last year.

Handling volumes of ro-ro cargo at the ro-ro terminal of the united company increased by 50% and amounted to 736 thousand tons.

Car terminal of the company handled 32 872 cars which exceeds the performance of the previous period four fold.

Due to the reduction of handling volumes of coal Fourth Stevedoring Company decreased handling of cargoes by 38% – up to 1.5 mln. tons. Handling volumes of the Container terminal amounted to 58 737 TEUs.

Multipurpose Reloading Complex in Ust-Luga increased handling volumes by 7%, having handled 1.7 mln. tons of cargoes in the first half of year.

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