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Volkmann Inc.

The Next Generation Additive Manufacturing Handling Systems From Volkmann

Tuesday, 02 October 2018


HAINESPORT (US) - Volkmann introduced its next generation additive manufacturing handling system the PowTReX.

PowTReX is designed specifically to enhance additive manufacturing technology when handling metal powders or toxic materials by providing safe transfer, recovery and extraction and return-to-use of materials with high bulk densities at high rates. Recognizing the need to improve efficiencies in the additive manufacturing environment, Volkmann’s PowTReX eliminates needless waste of costly metal powders while maintaining a safe, contained environment for product transfer. 

Operating at throughputs of above 1100 lbs/hr for stainless steel, and above 660 lbs/hr for aluminum powder, PowTReX keeps the additive manufacturing operation running at peak efficiency. Developed with Volkmann’s pneumatic vacuum technology and Mulitjector® vacuum pump, PowTReX consists of: 

• Vacuum Receiver with HEPA filter to separate and collect the powder and release it to the buffer while maintaining high exhaust air quality 

• Powder Buffer to collect the metal powder before releasing it ot the screener, making unloading independent of the screening rate

• Powder feeder that optimizes the amount of metal powder going to the screener 1900 Frost Road 

• Ultrasonic Screen with a basic screen size of 63 µm offering ultrasonic agitation of the sieve to prevent binding and outlets for the separation of acceptable and rejected product 

• Collecting Bin or Pick Up Hopper with feeding element

• Options in buffer and screen sizes are available to meet the application. 

PowTReX is capable of handling metals and materials such as tungsten, cobalt, silver powder, iron, stainless steel, alumina, nickel chrome, copper, chrono K20, carbide dust, corundum and G.62 with bulk densities ranging from 93 to 341 lbs/ft3 . The unit works in both a normal air environment and under an inert gas. Where inert transfer is required, the system is designed in a “closed loop” so that inert gas is both contained and reused, avoiding the additional cost of large volumes of inert gas. In this version, a special configuration gas-tight electric pump is used to maintain system temperature and containment. 

“Now that the additive manufacturing industry is becoming more production oriented it is time to operate efficiently and cost effectively,” notes Volkmann president, Nick Hayes. “Having the ability to safeguard facilities with vacuum transfer of material and production rates, as well as reclaim and reuse these expensive materials, gives the industry cost savings that make its end product even more viable.”

You can visit Volkmann France at the VRACTECH BULKTECH.