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Archimedys Exhibit at Vrac Tech Le MANS France

Tuesday, 07 November 2017


SAINT QUENTIN (FR) - With the arrival of plastic screw conveyor Archimedys on the market, it’s a real technological revolution that is currently happening to the conveying industry. 

Many industries use archimedes’ screw conveyor to move, mix or separate seeds, micron powders, sand, pellets etc. But now, the traditional stainless steel screw conveyor is being progressively replaced with modular Archimedys plastic screw conveyor : there are so many advantages that this screw is widely preferred by many industries. Thus, our Archimedys screw conveyor made of plastic is particularly suited to fill Big-Bags : if you use Big-Bags to move bulk materials, Archimedys screw conveyor is THE solution.     

You can install Archimedys screw conveyor in a conveyor with a net or gross weighing system : weighing operations are optimized thanks to a simplified steering of the rotation of the screw. With its simple and compact design, Archimedys screw conveyor is very light in weight in comparison to stainless steel conveyor : one can easily handle it. Therefore installation and maintenance become easier. Due to its light weight, it effectively reduces the horsepower usefull to work and reduces energy involved.     

oreover, when Archimedys screw conveyor needs to be repaired, you only have to replace the damaged module and not the entire screw. You don’t need any welding operation and there is no risk of cracks that can arise on the auger conveyor. All this reduces maintenance life cycle costs. Due to the polymer nature of Archimedys modules, Archimedys screw is corrosion-resistant, even from chimical agressive products or acids. Its resistance to corrosion or abrasion is far better than stainless steel screw.