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Rising Demand for Lithium Prompts Increased Sales of Eriez® Dry Vibrating Magnetic Filters

Wednesday, 21 June 2017


ERIE (US) - According to Eriez®, sales of Dry Vibrating Magnetic Filters (DVMF) to the lithium sector are significantly increasing as worldwide lithium production is rising to meet rapidly growing demands spurred mainly by lithium-ion batteries. 

DVMFs effectively remove fine paramagnetic contaminants from dry powder.   "We are observing a significant influx of projects related to lithium--especially in top lithium producing countries such as Argentina, Australia, Canada, Chile, China and the U.S.--from mining to processing in fluid as well as dry form," says Jose Marin, Director of Minerals and Materials Processing. "Lithium producers are incorporating DVMF units before and after the mill to improve the purity of lithium before it goes to the user."    

DVMFs utilize a high intensity electromagnet and a revolutionary flux converging matrix. The DVMF is fed vertically via gravity flow. The feed material filters through the matrix and exits out the bottom. The matrix captures and holds the magnetic material while the non-magnetic material passes through.   Eriez DVMFs are available in two strengths: 2,000 and 5,000 gauss. "We are the only company today offering 5,000 gauss units," notes Marin. "This enables our DVMFs to reduce contamination in some cases to parts per billion rather than per million."   Eriez state-of-the-art DVMFs are fully automated and feature a simplified cooling system. Other highlights include programmable controllers and the ability to handle 4 and 12-inch diameter sizes.