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J-Tec Material Handling

Indonesian Baby Food Blending Line

Tuesday, 16 September 2014


KAPELLEN (BE) - Since the startup of J-Tec Thailand J-Tec has managed to successfully multiply their business opportunities in the Asian region. 

The demand for high quality installations built and engineered according to European standards continuous to grow as the guaranteed efficiency, cleanability and safety is of the highest level. Multinationals frequently request J-Tec’s capabilities for designing and building process installations around the globe. Their business hub in Bangkok allows them to efficiently carry out projects from the heart of Asia. Recently an international key player in the baby food business chose J-Tec for the execution of a gravity designed blending installation in one of their production plants in Indonesia. J-Tec’s expertise in designing and building dry material handling installations, which have proven to even exceed the highest standards required in a baby food production process, has granted them this opportunity.

The vertical blending tower mainly consists of 4 different levels:

  • Bag discharging level
  • Blending level
  • Sieving / magnet level
  • Packaging level

On the bag discharging level different ingredients are delivered in small bags and are pre-weighed. The bags are dumped into two separate bag dumping units. One dedicated for discharging the main ingredients and one dedicated for handling the minor ingredients. Before the ingredients are able to enter the production process, a procedure requires the operator to scan every bag. This prevents the chance on human caused errors and allows full traceability of the products handled in the process. The bag dumping station for discharging the minor ingredients is equipped with a weighing system for accurate dosing into the blender below.

The heart of the production process is located at the blending level. In order to attain a perfect homogeneous mixture a double shaft paddle mixer is installed. The blender is equipped with a weighing system that verifies if the discharged amount is correct. Another advantage of the blender is the short blending time, allowing the customer to reach their predefined production target. In addition, product degradation due breakage is avoided. Two large bottom doors allow the mixture to be discharged in no time in an underneath hopper, reducing the batch time once more.

It goes without saying that baby food has to be absolutely free of contamination before being packed. In order to exclude any form of contamination J-Tec delivered a combined sieve and rotating magnet system according to the latest hygienic standards. The design is made easy accessible and quickly dismountable for easy inspecting and cleaning the most critical points in the installation. The stainless steel mesh used in the sieve is designed in such a way that in case of breakage no particles will find their way into the product flow. In addition, the screen is easy replaceable. A pneumatically controlled pivoting lift makes it possible to remove the lid of the sieve without requesting manpower or the use of tools. These additional features make this solution not only hygienic, but also seriously improve the workability and the ergonomic aspects.

J-Tec is committed to yield production processes according to the highest hygienic standards. All equipment is designed to be easily accessible for inspection and cleaning. The blender is equipped with a guiding system to extract the paddle shafts from the blender housing, allowing full access to the internal parts of the blender. Also the buffer hopper below the blender is equipped with a guiding system to move the lower part, allowing access to the inside of the hopper as well as the bottom of the blender. These are only a few of the many integrated marvels.