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Gericke AG

Gericke Celebrates 120 years of Existence

Tuesday, 16 September 2014


REGENSDORF (CH) - The company Gericke in Regensdorf/Zurich celebrates 120 years of existence this summer. Starting its activities in the flour milling industry, Gericke serves enterprises of the food, chemical, pharmaceutical and utilities industry worldwide today.

In the summer of 1894 when Walter H. Gericke established the company "W. Gericke machine building and mechanical Engineering” to service flour mills in Zurich, he would have hardly thought that he laid the foundation for an internationally successful company. Today, the family owned company is run by Markus H. Gericke in the fourth generation and has its own offices in Europe, Latin America and Asia.

Powder Processing Equipment and System Technologies

The impressing part of the story of the Swiss Family Business is the capability to recognize the benefits of emerging technologies and making them available to the industry. During the early years, this is expressed by the fact that Gericke introduced little-known technologies by licensed production or own developments in Switzerland such as malt grist mills with three pairs of rollers or the Soder mill, which was characterized by gentler millstones. In the early forties, Gericke began with the supply of pneumatic conveying systems as one of the first companies worldwide and could perform trials in its own Test Centre at Sihlquai in Zurich.

A technique you will come across in every industry nowadays.

Another example is the continuous mixing technique. Gericke has been supplying complete feeding and mixing systems for the efficient continuous processes for many years, while competitors praise and push the more traditional batch method. In recent times Gericke has developed a unique new module for the continuous production of tablets for the pharmaceutical industry. "Because we understand the needs of our customers, we are always able to set new trends within the process engineering," explains Markus Gericke, CEO Gericke Group.

Gericke develops and manufactures machines for the process of bulk materials, i.e. powders, fibres, resins and other raw materials mainly in Switzerland, Europe and Asia. Powder processes are focused on mechanical transformation and value growth of raw materials by grinding, mixing, separating and thermal change. The range includes systems for silage and conveying of products, feeding and mixing systems, as well as grinding and sifting machines, which are supplied as components or as turnkey systems.

Gericke has a global presence with 11 affiliated companies to date. Due to the international orientation of the group, Gericke customers receive not only a globally outstanding support for their projects, they also benefit from the worldwide service and spare parts network.