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National Bulk Equipment, Inc.

CMC Presents Video Series on Principles of Sanitary Bulk Handling Equipment Design >>

Monday, 17 September 2012


HOLLAND (US) -  National Bulk Equipment, Inc. (NBE). NBE, in cooperation with Tom Krueger, Council-certified Microbial Consultant (CMC) and president of Summit Laboratory, announces the release of a series of six, online, video commentaries; each presenting principles of sanitary-specific design and construction for bulk material handling equipment, as well as tips for attaining optimal compliance contribution (OCC) from sanitary bulk material handling systems.

“I have seen far too many instances where standard equipment designs are simply constructed of stainless steel and force-fit into a sanitary application,” says Mr. Krueger. “Then, as validation and inspection times lengthen and outcomes become more unsure, the resulting doubt and downtime from these force-fit systems begins to takes its toll on the confidence and finances of the processing or packaging operation.”

This series of online video commentaries addresses the topics of: ‘Sanitary Process Equipment Design’, ‘Optimal Compliance Contribution’, ‘Materials of Construction in Sanitary Process Equipment’, ‘Product Safety in Sanitary Process Equipment’, ‘Equipment Cleanability in Sanitary Process Applications’, and ‘Equipment Accessibility in Sanitary Process Applications’.

“Clearly, there are differences, and relative levels of effectiveness, among the various sanitary-compliant bulk material handling equipment designs in the marketplace,“ Mr. Krueger continues. “While these differences may sometimes be subtle in appearance, integrating these differences into sanitary-specific equipment design and construction is essential for attaining optimal compliance contribution. As a CMC I have frequently seen NBE equipment in the field,” Mr. Krueger adds. “NBE process-specific, sanitary bulk material handling systems deliver OCC by shortening cleaning time targets, reducing labor allocation for cleaning and validation, minimizing consumables use, increasing repeatability of positive validation and inspection outcomes, and simplifying verification of HACCP plans and GMP. Summit Laboratory and NBE share a desire to see improvement in the sanitary performance of bulk material processing operations and in the safety of end products reaching the customer. That’s why I have chosen to share these perspectives with the industry.”