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  • Small_qq__20181129153219
  • Offered: Dust Collector
    Reverse pulse dust collector supplier in China offers reliable customized reverse pulse dust collector for cement plant, high purification efficiency The major characteristic ofreverse pulse dust…
  • Small_custom-heat-exchanger-for-cement-plant
  • Offered: Custom Heat Exchanger
    Custom heat exchanger supplier in China offers custom heat exchanger for cement plant, tube plate heat exchanger, U-tube, shell & tube heat exchanger FEATURES & BENEFITS • Compact structure…
  • Small_stainless-steel-reaction-vessel-for-cement-plant
  • Offered: Reaction Vessel
    China stainless steel reaction vessel supplier offers durable custom stainless steel reaction vessel, continuous stirred tank reactor for cement plant FEATURES & BENEFITS • Static sealing, no…
  • Small_custom-slide-gate-valve-for-transporting-bulk-materials
  • Offered: Custom Slide Gate Valve
    Custom slide gate valve supplier in China provides custom slide gate valve for transporting or cutting bulk materials such as powder, granular materials SINOSAPRE offers the following types of gate…
  • Small_vertical-cement-raw-mill-for-cement-clinker-grinding
  • Offered: Cement Raw Mill
    China vertical cement raw mill supplier, roller mill for cement grinding, clinker grinding mill, mill disc 1300-5600MM, 2 & 3 & 4 roller 1100-2500MM Introduction: Vertical roller mill is a…
  • Small_customized-horizontal-cement-ball-mill-steel-grinding-balls
  • Offered: Cement Ball Mill
    Horizontal cement ball mill supplier offers customized dry grinding ball mill in cement plant, steel grinding balls, max output 160-165 T/H, 260 M3 Main Spare Parts for Cement Ball Mill: Wheel,…
  • Small_hydraulic-roller-press-machine-for-cement-plant
  • Offered: Roller Press Machine
    Cement plant hydraulic roller press machine supplier in China offers cement roller press machine, diameter 1200-2400MM, width 350-2000MM, max feeding 45-85MM Hydraulic roller press is one of…
  • Small_o-sepa-cement-mill-separator
  • Offered: Cement Mill Separator
    China O-Sepa cement mill separator supplier offers O-Sepa cement mill separator, max capacity 180-300 T/H, air volume 500-5000 M3/H, max feeding 75-750 T/H Main Spare Parts for O-SEPA Separator:…
  • Small_activated-carbon-filter-vessel-sa516m-485-passport-660-gal-87psi
  • Offered: Filter Vessel
    China Carbon Filter Vessel Manufacturer Offers Activated Carbon Filter for Water Treatment, Water Filtration, SA516M 485, Passport, 660 Gallon, 87 PSI Name: Activated Carbon Filter. Material: Carbon…
  • Small_nitrogen-storage-vessel-stainless-steel-304-13208-gal-725psi
  • Offered: Nitrogen Storage Vessel
    China Nitrogen Storage Vessel Producer Supplies Carbon Steel Nitrogen Storage Vessel Tank, Bulk Nitrogen (N2) Storage, GB150, 13208 Gal, 725 PSI Name: Nitrogen Storage Vessel. Material: Carbon Steel.…
  • Small_carbon-steel-shell-and-tube-heat-exchanger-floating-head
  • Offered: Heat Exchanger
    China Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger Company Provides Stainless Steel Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger, Floating Head, 6.4 Mpa, Up to 450?, Easy to Clean Name: Floating Head Heat Exchanger. Design: Shell…
  • Small_asme-big-fermentation-tank-q345r-3500mm-x-13500mm-100-m3
  • Offered: Big Fermentation Tank
    China Big Fermentation Tank Manufacturer Offers Large 316L Stainless Steel Fermentation Tank, Pharmaceutical Fermentation Tank Equipment, ASME, 100 m3 Name: Fermentation Tank. Material: SS316L.…
  • Small_industrial-fermentation-tank-for-pharmaceutics-q345r-gb-150_500x500
  • Offered: Pressure Vessel
    China Industrial Fermentation Vessel Factory Offers Stainless Fermentation Tank for Pharmaceutical Fermentation, GB150, 1200 X 46 X 5500mm, 10.5 Mpa Name: Fermentation Tank. Material: Stainless…
  • Small_stainless-steel-304-tank-crystallizer-gb150-36-5-m3-0-3mpa
  • Offered: Tank Crystallizer
    China Crystallization Equipment Manufacturer Offers 304 Stainless Steel Tank Crystallizer for Industrial Crystallization, GB150, 36.5m3, 0.3MPa, 145 Name: Tank Crystallizer. Material: Stainless…
  • Small_yeast-propagation-tank-ss304-3487-gal-gb150-1500-mm-0-3-mpa
  • Offered: Yeast Propagation Tank
    China Yeast Propagation Tank Supplier Offers Yeast Propagation Tank, SS304, 3487 Gal, GB150, 1500mm-1800mm, 0.3 MPa, 140?, for Fermentation Process Name: Yeast Propagation Tank. Material: SS304…
  • Small_agitated-tank-crystallizer-stainless-steel-gb150-1200-x-1500mm
  • Offered: Agitated Tank Crystallizer
    China Tank Crystallizer Supplier Offers Agitated Tank Crystallizer, Stainless Steel 304, GB150, 1200 X 1500mm, 1.7MPa, for Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Name: Agitated Tank Crystallizer. Material:…
  • Small_antibiotic-fermentation-tank-carbon-steel-asme-100m3-0-3mpa
  • Offered: Fermentation Tank
    China Fermentation Tank Producer Offers Antibiotic Fermentation Tank, Alloy Steel Q345R, ASME, 100m3, 0.3MPa, 85?, 220kW, for Penicillin Fermentation Name: Fermentation Tank. Material: Q345R.…
  • Small_04-q345r-3rd-seeding-tank-gb150-id-2700mm-x-10322mm
  • Offered: Yeast Tank
    China Yeast Tank Producer Supplies Stainless Steel 316L Yeast Tank for Yeast Fermentation, GB150, 9642 Gallon, 0.3 MPa, 2700 X 10322mm, 145?, 12.2 Ton Name: Yeast Tank. Material: SS316L. Manufacture…