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  • Small_pp-plastic-tomato-clip-manufacturer
  • Offered: PP Plastic Tomato Clip
    Topper is the best PP plastic tomato clip manufacturer in China. Topper tomato clips made of PP plastic are also named tomato trellis clip or vine support clip. The circular clip sizes in diameter…
  • Small_tomato-trellis-clips-dia-15mm-pp-plastic-9500-pcs-per-carton
  • Offered: Tomato Trellis Clips
    PP plastic tomato trellis clips suit for a 15mm diameter stem. Available with other vine crops, tomato clips for garden supports are sold in bulk packaged quantities of 9500 pcs per carton of…
  • Small_tomato-vine-clips-dia-22mm-pp-plastic-4800-pcs-per-carton
  • Offered: Tomato Vine Clips
    Tomato vine clips in size of Dia 22mm are ideal for tying up tomatoes to stakes. PP plastic tomato vine clips convenient for the most crowded areas are delivered in 4800 pcs per carton of 4.2kg &amp…
  • Small_tomato-twine-clips-dia-23mm-pp-plastic-4500-pcs-per-carton
  • Offered: Tomato Twine Clips
    Tomato twine clips, also named tomato trellis clips or tomato plant clips, are Dia 23mm and made of PP plastic. Sold in 4500 pcs per carton of 8.5×32×44cm & 4.29kg, plastic plant support clips are…
  • Small_tomato-string-clips-dia-24mm-pp-plastic-4500-pcs-per-carton
  • Offered: Tomato Cluster Support
    Tomato Cluster J Hook support are made of PP plastics in length 9.6cm, designed for preventing damage to the cluster stem when tomatoes grow to maturity. J type tomato bunch support hooks are packed…
  • Small_m-type-tomato-hooks-220mm-hot-galvanized-10m-pp-raffia-twine
  • Offered: M Type Tomato Hooks
    Tomato Hooks known as vertical tomato hooks or tomato twine holders, which are made of hot-dip galvanized steel wires, hang from overhead support wire and connected to the plant. Topper M Type Tomato…
  • Small_tomato-arch-cluster-support-6mm-pp-plastic-12000-pcs-carton
  • Offered: Tomato Arch Cluster Support
    Tomato Arch Cluster Support in PP Plastic is tomato cluster support has arch (half moon) shape. Tomato half moon supports fastened around the truss stem offer support for tomato cluster stems, keep…
  • Small_tomato-lever-loop-grippers-20mm-pp-plastic-16000-pcs-carton
  • Offered: Tomato Lever Loop Grippers
    Tomato Lever Loop Grippers in Sizes of 20mm are ideal for holding tomato stems and stalks to stakes, trellis or wires. Durable PP plastic tomato stem grippers are sold in 16000 pcs per carton of 9.61…
  • Small_high-wire-tomato-hooks-hot-galvanized-l-275mm-dia-3mm
  • Offered: High Wire Tomato Hooks
    Hot Galvanized High Wire Tomato Hooks without twine, also called bare hooks or M type tomato hooks, come in lengths of 275mm and diameters of 3mm. Topper crop hooks are packed in 1050 pcs per carton…
  • Small_tomato-roller-hooks-hot-galvanized-18m-pp-raffia-twines-01_-___
  • Offered: Tomato Roller Hooks
    Hot Galvanized Tomato Roller Hooks with 18 meters PP raffia twine are sold in 240 pcs per carton in 58×39×23cm. Tomato roller hook support easily hangs vine crops such as tomatoes and cucumbers to…
  • Small_tomato-roller-hook-wire-frames-hot-galvanized-130mm-240-pcs-carton
  • Offered: Tomato Roller Hook
    Labor-saving Tomato Roller Hook Wire Frames in lengths of 1300mm and delivered in 240 pcs per carton of 58×39×23cm and 8.4kg. Hot galvanized wire assembly frame designed to supports roller hook twine…
  • Small_activated-carbon-filter-vessel-sa516m-485-passport-660-gal-87psi
  • Offered: Filter Vessel
    China Carbon Filter Vessel Manufacturer Offers Activated Carbon Filter for Water Treatment, Water Filtration, SA516M 485, Passport, 660 Gallon, 87 PSI Name: Activated Carbon Filter. Material: Carbon…
  • Small_nitrogen-storage-vessel-stainless-steel-304-13208-gal-725psi
  • Offered: Nitrogen Storage Vessel
    China Nitrogen Storage Vessel Producer Supplies Carbon Steel Nitrogen Storage Vessel Tank, Bulk Nitrogen (N2) Storage, GB150, 13208 Gal, 725 PSI Name: Nitrogen Storage Vessel. Material: Carbon Steel.…
  • Small_carbon-steel-shell-and-tube-heat-exchanger-floating-head
  • Offered: Heat Exchanger
    China Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger Company Provides Stainless Steel Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger, Floating Head, 6.4 Mpa, Up to 450?, Easy to Clean Name: Floating Head Heat Exchanger. Design: Shell…
  • Small_asme-big-fermentation-tank-q345r-3500mm-x-13500mm-100-m3
  • Offered: Big Fermentation Tank
    China Big Fermentation Tank Manufacturer Offers Large 316L Stainless Steel Fermentation Tank, Pharmaceutical Fermentation Tank Equipment, ASME, 100 m3 Name: Fermentation Tank. Material: SS316L.…
  • Small_industrial-fermentation-tank-for-pharmaceutics-q345r-gb-150_500x500
  • Offered: Pressure Vessel
    China Industrial Fermentation Vessel Factory Offers Stainless Fermentation Tank for Pharmaceutical Fermentation, GB150, 1200 X 46 X 5500mm, 10.5 Mpa Name: Fermentation Tank. Material: Stainless…
  • Small_stainless-steel-304-tank-crystallizer-gb150-36-5-m3-0-3mpa
  • Offered: Tank Crystallizer
    China Crystallization Equipment Manufacturer Offers 304 Stainless Steel Tank Crystallizer for Industrial Crystallization, GB150, 36.5m3, 0.3MPa, 145 Name: Tank Crystallizer. Material: Stainless…
  • Small_yeast-propagation-tank-ss304-3487-gal-gb150-1500-mm-0-3-mpa
  • Offered: Yeast Propagation Tank
    China Yeast Propagation Tank Supplier Offers Yeast Propagation Tank, SS304, 3487 Gal, GB150, 1500mm-1800mm, 0.3 MPa, 140?, for Fermentation Process Name: Yeast Propagation Tank. Material: SS304…