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  • Small_disposable-baby-diaper
  • Offered: Disposable Baby Diaper
    China Disposable Baby Diapers Manufacturer Supplies Disposable Baby Diapers Using USA Fluff Pulp, SAP Core, Cloth Like Film Backsheet and Velcro Tape Specification: Name: Disposable Baby Diaper. Age…
  • Small_280mm_cotton_sanitary_napkin
  • Offered: Cotton Sanitary Napkins
    China Cotton Sanitary Napkins Manufacturer Provides Cotton Sanitary Napkins, Cotton Cover with Tissue, Fluff Pulp, SAP Core and PE Bottom Film Specification: Material: Cotton Sanitary Napkins.…
  • Small_cotton-sanitary-napkins-wholesale__2_
  • Offered: Cotton Sanitary Napkins
    China Cotton Sanitary Napkins Supplier Manufactures Cotton Sanitary Napkins with Perforated Cotton Film, Anion Strip, Airlaid and Breathable Bottom PE Film Specification: Name: Cotton Sanitary…
  • Small_anion-sanitary-towels
  • Offered: Anion Sanitary Towels
    China Anion Sanitary Towel Supplier Wholesales Anion Sanitary Towels, Perforated Film, SAP Absorbent and Extra Absorption Power. website: http://www.chinasanitarynapkin.com
  • Small_high-speed-baby-diaper-machine
  • Offered: Baby Diaper Machine
    China High Speed Baby Diaper Production Line Manufacturer: high-speed teeth-like crusher, SAP auto adding with amount control, web-wheel molding. Roselee diaper production lines had been running well…
  • Small_full-servo-sanitary-napkin-machine
  • Offered: Sanitary Napkin Machine
    China Full Servo Sanitary Napkin Machine Manufacturer: full servo control system, auto checking, equipped with a sound quality inspection system. Roselee has exported full servo sanitary napkin…
  • Small_advanced-sanitary-napkin-production-line__1_
  • Offered: Sanitary Napkin Machine
    China Advanced Sanitary Napkin Production Line Manufacturer: new fluff core forming technology, rapid absorption and diffusion, modularity design. Roselee Sanitary Napkin Production Lines have been…
  • Small_panty-liner-production-line
  • Offered: Panty Liner Production Line
    China Panty Liner Production Line Manufacturer: automatic phase checking and adjusting at machine start-up, fast speed and high efficiency. Roselee has exported panty liner production line to India…
  • Small_activated-carbon-filter-vessel-sa516m-485-passport-660-gal-87psi
  • Offered: Filter Vessel
    China Carbon Filter Vessel Manufacturer Offers Activated Carbon Filter for Water Treatment, Water Filtration, SA516M 485, Passport, 660 Gallon, 87 PSI Name: Activated Carbon Filter. Material: Carbon…
  • Small_nitrogen-storage-vessel-stainless-steel-304-13208-gal-725psi
  • Offered: Nitrogen Storage Vessel
    China Nitrogen Storage Vessel Producer Supplies Carbon Steel Nitrogen Storage Vessel Tank, Bulk Nitrogen (N2) Storage, GB150, 13208 Gal, 725 PSI Name: Nitrogen Storage Vessel. Material: Carbon Steel.…
  • Small_carbon-steel-shell-and-tube-heat-exchanger-floating-head
  • Offered: Heat Exchanger
    China Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger Company Provides Stainless Steel Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger, Floating Head, 6.4 Mpa, Up to 450?, Easy to Clean Name: Floating Head Heat Exchanger. Design: Shell…
  • Small_asme-big-fermentation-tank-q345r-3500mm-x-13500mm-100-m3
  • Offered: Big Fermentation Tank
    China Big Fermentation Tank Manufacturer Offers Large 316L Stainless Steel Fermentation Tank, Pharmaceutical Fermentation Tank Equipment, ASME, 100 m3 Name: Fermentation Tank. Material: SS316L.…
  • Small_industrial-fermentation-tank-for-pharmaceutics-q345r-gb-150_500x500
  • Offered: Pressure Vessel
    China Industrial Fermentation Vessel Factory Offers Stainless Fermentation Tank for Pharmaceutical Fermentation, GB150, 1200 X 46 X 5500mm, 10.5 Mpa Name: Fermentation Tank. Material: Stainless…
  • Small_stainless-steel-304-tank-crystallizer-gb150-36-5-m3-0-3mpa
  • Offered: Tank Crystallizer
    China Crystallization Equipment Manufacturer Offers 304 Stainless Steel Tank Crystallizer for Industrial Crystallization, GB150, 36.5m3, 0.3MPa, 145 Name: Tank Crystallizer. Material: Stainless…
  • Small_yeast-propagation-tank-ss304-3487-gal-gb150-1500-mm-0-3-mpa
  • Offered: Yeast Propagation Tank
    China Yeast Propagation Tank Supplier Offers Yeast Propagation Tank, SS304, 3487 Gal, GB150, 1500mm-1800mm, 0.3 MPa, 140?, for Fermentation Process Name: Yeast Propagation Tank. Material: SS304…
  • Small_agitated-tank-crystallizer-stainless-steel-gb150-1200-x-1500mm
  • Offered: Agitated Tank Crystallizer
    China Tank Crystallizer Supplier Offers Agitated Tank Crystallizer, Stainless Steel 304, GB150, 1200 X 1500mm, 1.7MPa, for Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Name: Agitated Tank Crystallizer. Material:…
  • Small_antibiotic-fermentation-tank-carbon-steel-asme-100m3-0-3mpa
  • Offered: Fermentation Tank
    China Fermentation Tank Producer Offers Antibiotic Fermentation Tank, Alloy Steel Q345R, ASME, 100m3, 0.3MPa, 85?, 220kW, for Penicillin Fermentation Name: Fermentation Tank. Material: Q345R.…
  • Small_04-q345r-3rd-seeding-tank-gb150-id-2700mm-x-10322mm
  • Offered: Yeast Tank
    China Yeast Tank Producer Supplies Stainless Steel 316L Yeast Tank for Yeast Fermentation, GB150, 9642 Gallon, 0.3 MPa, 2700 X 10322mm, 145?, 12.2 Ton Name: Yeast Tank. Material: SS316L. Manufacture…