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  • Small_y-type-globe-valve
  • Offered: Y Type Globe Valve
    Full Port or Standard Port Outside Screw and Yoke (OS & Y). Bolted Bonnet with spiral-would gasket, welded bonnet and pressure sealed bonnet. Integral Backseat, Loose solid disc. Specifications:…
  • Small_api-602-check-valve
  • Offered: API 602 Check Valve
    API 602 Check Valve Manufacturer in China: API 602 Check Valve, Forged Steel, 1/4-4 Inch, Class 150-2500 LB, BB, WB, PSB, ASME B16.34, BS 5352 API 602 forged steel check valve in three kinds bonnet…
  • Small_aeration-butterfly-valve
  • Offered: Aeration Butterfly Valve
    Aeration Butterfly Valve Manufacturer in China: Aeration Butterfly Valve, API 609, DIN 3354, 1-1/2-40 Inch, DN40-DN1000, Class 125-300 LB, PN6-PN40 Design and manufacture standards: A) Wafer and lug:…
  • Small_bi-directional-butterfly-valve
  • Offered: Butterfly Valve
    Bi-Directional Butterfly Valve Supplier in China: Bi-Directional Butterfly Valve, API 609, Class 150 – 2500 LB, 2 – 24 Inch, Test API 598, ISO 5208 Technical Specification: Design Standard: API 609.…
  • Small_lugged-wafer-check-valve-s
  • Offered: Lugged Check Valve
    LUGGED WAFER CHECK VALVE Basic Info: Model NO.: UNIQUE LUGGED DUAL PLATE CHECK VALVE. Connection Form: Lug Type. Pressure:?Ordinary Temperature. Sealing Form: Metal Seat or Soft Seat. Standard: ANSI.…
  • Small_flanged-gate-valve
  • Offered: Flanged Gate Valve
    Flanged Gate Valve Maker in China: Flanged Gate Valve, 2-48 Inch, CLASS 150-1500 LB, OS & Y, Bolted Bonnet, ANSI B16.34, API 600, API 6D, API 603, BS 1414 Size: 2-48 Inch. Pressure: CLASS…
  • Small_parallel-slide-gate-valve
  • Offered: Parallel Gate Valve
    Parallel Slide Gate Valve Maker in China: Parallel Slide Gate Valve, 2-48 Inch, DN50-DN1200, Class 150-2500 LB, PN16-PN420, API 600, API 6D, BS 1414 Sizes: 2 Inch-48 Inch or DN50-DN1200. Pressure…
  • Small_flanged-trunnion-ball-valve
  • Offered: Flanged Ball Valve
    Flanged Trunnion Ball Valve Manufacturer in China: Flanged Trunnion Ball Valve, 2-48 Inch, Class 150-1500 LB, API 608, ASME B16.34, API 6D, BS 5351 Fixed Ball Valve, ASTM A216 WCB Trunnion Ball…
  • Small_pneumatic-actuated-ball-valve
  • Offered: Pneumatic Ball Valve
    Pneumatic Actuated Ball Valve Maker in China: Pneumatic Actuated Ball Valve, 2 – 12 Inch, DN50-DN300, Class 150 LB, PN16, PN20, API 6D, API 608, ISO 17292 Control Ball Valve, Pneumatic Ball Valve.…
  • Small_forged-carbon-steel-gate-valve
  • Offered: Forged Gate Valve
    Forged Carbon Steel Gate Valve Manufacturer in China: Forged Carbon Steel Gate Valve, Class 150 – 2500 LB, 1/2 – 2 Inch, API 602, BS 5352 Applicable Temperature: -196? – 649 ?. Main Materials: ASTM…
  • Small_11
  • Offered: FIBC bag,Big bag,Jumbo bag
    TOAN LUONG MANUFACTURE AND COMMERCIAL COMPANY LIMITED is one of reliable manufacturers and exporters of PP Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container FIBC (JUMBO Bags, BIG BAGS, BULK BAGS) and small PP…
  • No_image
  • Offered: FIBC bag,Big bag,Jumbo bag
    TOAN LUONG MANUFACTURE AND COMMERCIAL COMPANY LIMITED is one of reliable manufacturers and exporters of PP Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container FIBC (JUMBO Bags, BIG BAGS, BULK BAGS) and small PP…
  • Small_high-speed-pick-place-robot-arm-for-plastic-molding-machine
  • Offered: injection Robot Arm
    Pick & Place Robot Arm Manufacturer from China: High-speed Pick & Place Robot Arms for Plastic Molding Machine to increase molding productivity, reduce errors High-speed pick and place robots…
  • Small_1-axis-servo-motor-traverse-robot-600-800mm-robot
  • Offered: Injection Molding Robot
    Traverse Take Out Robot Arm Manufacturer in China: Traverse Take Out Robot Arm for Injection Molding Machine to streamline manual process and increase productivity The economical series traverse…
  • Small_take-out-robot-arm-for-plastic-injection-molding-machine
  • Offered: Injection Molding Machine
    Smart Cartesian Robot Arm for Plastic Injection Molding Machine Cartesian Robot Arm Manufacturer in China: Smart Cartesian Robot Arms for Plastic Injection Molding Machine to simplify solutions and…
  • Small_kraft-paper-slitting-rewinding-machine
  • Offered: Paper Rewinding Machine
    China kraft paper slitting rewinding machine supplier: kraft paper slitting rewinding machine, reliable design, for all kind of packaging paper rewinding Kraft Paper Slitting Rewinder is mainly used…
  • Small_semi-servo-pull-up-adult-diaper-making-machine
  • Offered: Adult Diaper Machine
    China semi servo adult diaper making machine manufacturer provides semi servo pull up adult diaper making machine, reliable performance and easy operation. website: https://www.dnwmachinery.com/
  • Small_disposable-woman-folding-type-breast-pad-making-machine
  • Offered: Breast Pad Making Machine
    China disposable woman folding breast pad machine manufacturer offers disposable woman folding type breast pad machine, full servo/ semi servo control Main technical parameters: designed speed:…